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Urban Enlightenment!-Pilot Episode  -Your city travel guide and tool for personal development and spiritual awakening. 

Production Team: Jeremy Ralphs, Ivan Yordanov, Ingrid Hart

Urban Enlightenment! is the online travel show with a fresh perspective.  Join Ingrid Hart, Toronto's Urban Life Coach as she takes you on a city-zen tour of some of the worlds iconic cities.  First stop: Toronto Canada.  Indulge in a half hour escape to your inner self as Ingrid  showcases the art, music, fashion, food, shops, services and events dedicated to raising your vibration and expanding your awareness. With a light-hearted and fresh approach, Ingrid guides us on where to go for everything from mantra inspired house music to restaurants that tap into your inner ki  to where to go for a frequency raising quartz crystal spa.  Resonate with the heart of the city's grit and hustle as we take you on a tour that leads to your divine self with your host, Ingrid Hart, the metropolitan mystic on the path to Urban Enlightenment!



TorontoTalent.ca - A Community Youth Initiative for personal development through performance arts.

Contact: Ingrid@IngridHartCoaching.ca

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